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Before you know it, summer season is gone. Where does the time go? Even though it happens every year, it still amazes me how much time passes in such a short amount of time…. I know, time is finite and doesn’t change or move faster or slower, but I’m a “cake guy” not a scientist, so please cut me a little slack. I make sure to take time and “note” the important things. My way of doing this has changed with technology. I no longer keep a battered notebook in my pocket.  I have moved to a tablet that I can talk to and take pictures with. However, the idea remains the same.  When I have time, I can look back more closely at those fleeting moments in my life. The best part is, not only do I not miss out on those moments, but I also get to enjoy the time I am spending soaking in the time I missed!

So even though you might not be able to savor the moment, make sure you get to savor the memory. Make a “note” in whatever way you choose to remind yourself and look back on what happened and enjoy.  Looking back, I enjoyed our Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Cheesecake. So, Jim will be whipping this favorite up for us this month. To make some new moments to enjoy, I will be creating our Peaches & Cream Torte’ for the first time.


Wishing you happy moments… for now and later,
Joe “The Cake Guy”

CAKE OF THE MONTH – Peaches & Cream Torte
CHEESECAKE OF THE MONTH – Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel

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