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It is the time of year that we begin to think about gift giving.  My Mom reminds me of how blessed we are, thinking of all those who may have long lists of things they truly need and could not or would not get. So, this year we are saving time and money for people who need it. As we shopped for our weekly needs, we began to shop for people we didn’t know. By the end of our shopping excursion, we had socks, gloves hats, scarves and board games. Also, suggesting a stop at Vincent DePaul’s to drop off whole turkeys and hams. They do except frozen turkey or ham.  So, here’s the thing…. if you do celebrate by giving at this time of year, why not give the physical presents to those who truly are in need of them and give those you love the gift of your time. You will end up with a gift for yourself as well.  To help enjoy the holiday season, we have created three of your December favorites, Chocolate Peppermint Cake, Sugar Cookie Torte’ and Rum Soaked Gingerbread Cheesecake.

Happy Holidays,


Joe “The Cake Guy”

DECEMBER CAKES OF THE MONTHChocolate Peppermint and Sugar Cookie Tortes

Let “Joe’s Cakes” boutique bakery, located in the Landmark Inn, create your sweet endings this holiday season.  Call 315-8116 to place your custom order.  Stop in and pick up a Signature Cake, Classic N.Y. Cheesecake or Apple Sour Cream Walnut Pie to go today.

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