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We are in full swing for the summer season.  It wasn’t that long ago that many of us thought summer would never come this year, but as always it showed its smiling face. Now I may get a few “boos & hisses” for this, but in a way I think the longer wait this year is going to make me enjoy summer more. Sometimes the anticipation makes the arrival of something that much sweeter and makes us enjoy it more fervently when it appears. It could be something as big as the summer season or being a part of someone’s wedding day. However, I like to enjoy it even with the smaller things, like knowing Mom is going to make her cabbage rolls on Thursday and knowing about it on Monday. For some reason it makes me eat them a little slower and relish them even more.

The wait is just another opportunity to enjoy.  Wrap yourself up in the anticipation and let your heart beat a little faster.  In that spirit, it’s that time so many of my “cake peeps” wait for, Summer Fruited Torte is back!  Jim is going to be whipping out our newest cheesecake for you as well, Coffee Toffee.  So, please indulge and enjoy.

Happy Summer to You All,


Joe “The Cake Guy”

JULY CAKE OF THE MONTH  – Fruited Summer Torte
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