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As spring approaches, I meet with our brides and grooms to plan for cake on their big day. Keeping with tradition, I wish to share a little wedding cake history/legend, featuring the middle ages.  During this period food tossing became rice tossing.  The once decorative sweet meat cakes and grains of wheat, once thrown at the bride and grooms, evolved into small biscuits or scones. Guests were encouraged to BYOB (bake/bring your own biscuit) with them to the ceremony. After the wedding, leftovers were distributed among the poor. It is those very simple biscuits and scones that became the forerunner of the elaborate wedding cake we know today. Legend has it that throughout the British Isles it became customary to pile the biscuits, scones and baked goodies on top of one another in one huge heap. The taller the pile, the more prosperity the young couple would receive in the future.   They would exchange a kiss over the mound. It is told that in the 1660’s, during the reign of King Charles II, a French chef visited London and was appalled at the cake-piling ritual. It was his idea to transform the messy mound of bland biscuits into a beautiful work of art; an iced, multi-tiered wedding cake.

I encourage you to reward yourself with a piece of cake, featuring our cake of the month-Pina Colada or our cheesecake offering Chocolate Chip Cookie. Stop into the Landmark Inn for all your sweet ending needs; offering whole cakes, cheesecakes and pies to go.

Sweet Spring,  

Joe, “The Cake Guy”

CHEESECAKE OF THE MONTH – Chocolate Chip Cookie
Joe’s boutique bakery is a local favorite for cake creations, made exclusively at the Landmark Inn.  His confections may be enjoyed in our restaurants or picked up to go. Joe’s specialty sweets can enhance any occasion.   The style and quality of Joe’s one-of-a-kind wedding cakes and specialty desserts will leave your guests raving.  Let Joe elevate your celebration by creating your own personalized sweet ending.  Call 906-315-8116 to place your order today.


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