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This is my favorite time of year! I love everything about fall.  The sights and smells comfort me.  One of my favorite things about autumn is Mother Nature’s way of showing us that an end to something does not always mean it’s over. It can be scary seeing something you are used to seem to go away, but remember to look a little deeper.  You may see something new and exciting popping up in its place. I look to the beautiful place we live as inspiration. Right now the lush green that the trees have worked so hard for is quickly disappearing from view and will soon seem to go away. However, the end is the best part.  They leave us, not with a whimper, but with a blaze of beauty that takes our breath away. Maybe we need to look at it not as an end, but as “The Finale!” The best part is it is not the end. The mighty trunk and gentle branches still remain and more importantly the roots grow bigger and stronger with each passing season. It is not the end, but instead a beautiful job well done, making room for new endeavors that will show itself in the spring.

Don’t look at things going away in your life as the end, but as making room for your next time of bloom. October’s Cake of the Month will be Harvest Spice with Tibetan Cinnamon Butter Cream and Jim will be putting together out German Chocolate Cheesecake.   These are the perfect sweet endings to help you bulk up your “trunk” to get you through the season.


Here’s to good roots,

Joe, “The Cake Guy”

CAKE OF THE MONTHHarvest Spice with Tibetan Cinnamon Butter Cream
Enjoy Joe’s Savory Cheesecake Appetizers in our restaurants, made from local ingredients, featuring:  Basil Balsamic with Sundried Tomatoes and Michigan Ale and Aged Gouda with Bacon Onion Jam, served with homemade crackers.  “Joe’s Cakes” boutique bakery, created exclusively at the Landmark Inn, specializes in wedding cakes, indulgent cake buffets, sculpted and hand-painted cakes and custom desserts for all occasions.  Call 315-8116 for all your sweet endings.

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