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The Northland Hotel was first conceived around 1910. The foundation was started in 1917, but the hotel itself did not open until January 8, 1930. It operated as a full service hotel with over 100 rooms until the 1970’s. Because previous owners had not updated the hotel over the years, it fell into disrepair, and closed in 1982.

From 1930 through the 1960’s, the hotel was the social center of the Marquette area. Our guest history includes visits from some well known people such as:

Amelia Earhart Room

Amelia Earhart stayed in room 502 in 1932. The Landmark Inn rooms were numbered, based on the actual room she stayed in. We have named the room, THE AMELIA EARHART ROOM.

Abbot and Costello, the famous comedians, came to Marquette during the war in 1942, to perform for the American Legion. We have an ABBOT AND COSTELLO ROOM.

Well known musicians, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, and the singing group Peter, Paul, and Mary stayed in the Hotel Northland.

Abbot & Costello Room

The filming crew and actors from the movie, Anatomy of a Murder stayed here while they filmed at the Marquette Courthouse, Big Bay, and Michigamme.

John Voelker, a local attorney and avid fisherman, wrote the book, Anatomy of a Murder based on a true story that occurred in the Big Bay area. He also wrote a number of other books. We have a JOHN VOELKER ROOM.

George Shiras, one of the original stockholders of the Hotel Northland, was also a famous wildlife photographer. We display some of his work and have a GEORGE SHIRAS SUITE.

Dandelion Room

Dandelion Room

Our DANDELION COTTAGE ROOM is named after the Dandelion Cottage, built in 1880, which is located at 440 East Arch Street. The cottage was the subject of a well known regional children’s book, written by Carroll Watson in 1904.

Other founding fathers and significant people of Marquette, of whom our rooms are named are: LONGYEAR, KAUFMAN, PETER WHITE AND BISHOP BARAGA.


Fred Rydholm Room

Room 203 is the FRED RYDHOLM CAMP. Fred was a local historian who has published a number of local history books.

In 1995 a major renovation and restoration project started. Everything in the hotel has been refurbished or replaced, from floors to ceilings. The task was undertaken by TEAM LANDMARK a company specializing in historic restoration.

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